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Amsterdam, master painters and charming streets

Book a flight to Amsterdam and explore the most Bohemian of Europe's capital cities. Its canals, bicycles and traditional houses make it a romantic and exotic destination.

Taking a flight to Amsterdam is like stepping into a Van Gogh painting. One admires, observes, leans in for a closer look, and gets lost it the palette of colors. The city is so unlike all the other European capitals, and its cultural and artistic heritage is exceedingly rich. Among the key attractions are the Anne Frank House, the Tuschinski movie theater (a gem of Art Deco architecture) and the Rijksmuseum, a monument to Dutch painting. This neo-gothic building houses works by Vermeer, Rembrandt and other great Flemish Masters. Visitors also enjoy perusing the shops of the Jordaan, a neighbourhood favored by Amsterdamers for its tranquility and its boutiques.

A plane ticket to Amsterdam takes you to a city that lives and breathes on the water. With its 1,281 bridges and over 100 kilometers of perfectly aligned, semi-circular canals, the capital lives up to its nickname of « the spider web ». For a totally immersive experience of the Dutch capital, your Amsterdam travel guide will likely recommend exploring the city's maze of streets on foot or by bicycle. Following the canals allows you to admire the opulence of the hundreds of merchant's houses built during the Dutch Golden Age.

In the oldest part of the city, known as Wallen, it's impossible to miss the massive Royal Palace. Take advantage of a flight to Amsterdam to go back in time in the famous brown cafes, where it seems nothing has changed since the 17th century. They offer a much more authentic experience than the coffee shops! An interior weathered by the centuries, age-old wooden floors and tobacco-stained walls characterize these bars, in which patrons philosophize over a Brouwerij't beer or a jenever, a Dutch spirit.