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Southern Corsica, the island of beauty and its wonders

In order to prepare for your journey to southern Corsica you need to reserve your airline ticket to Ajaccio or Figari. A short distance from the continent, the island of beauty offers an escape and a change of scenery less than two hours from Paris. An opportunity to discover one of the most beautiful jewels in the Mediterranean.

For a family getaway or an extended weekend for two, southern Corsica is a dream destination and only a 50 minute flight from Marseille. The nature lovers will appreciate its magnificent walking and hiking opportunities in the heart of preserved sites. The rocky inlets of Piana, the needles of Bavella, the valley of Oso and its splendid waterfall of Piscia di Gallo or Alta Rocca… There's no lack of ideas to lose oneself in landscapes worthy of exotic travel books!

A journey to southern Corsica is to dive into the characteristic and authentic cities of the island of beauty: Piana, Cargèse, Sartène, Porto Vecchio or Bonifacio, the events and the activities are numerous and allow you to discover a remarkable heritage while savouring the local gastronomy. Don't miss the Corsican delicatessen and its famous figatelli, the brocciu, a cheese made from ewe or goat's milk, or the fiadone, a sugary sweetness in the form of a dessert.
With your travel guide for southern Corsica, explore every remarkable site on this piece of land, which has strength in both character and identity. Travel up the salt marshes of Porto Vecchio, go attack the stairs of the king of Aragon in Bonifacio in order to appreciate a magnificent view over the sea and stroll through the narrow alleyways of the old town of Ajaccio. Air France offers daily flights to Figari and Ajaccio, the doors that provide entry to a region rich in postcard scenery.