The Temple of Literature: academy of mandarins

The Temple of Literature: academy of mandarins

Regarded as the first university in Vietnam, the Temple of Literature hosted future leaders of the nation, who followed the teachings of Confucius.

An inscription on one of the temple pillars perfectly captures the spirit of this site: ‘Confucianism lies everywhere, east, west, south and north. Dignitaries and scholars have all followed the same path.' Founded in 1070, during the reign of King Ly Thanh Tong, this building, dedicated to Confucius, was originally the school of the nation's elite, where students aspiring to become bureaucrats followed a rigorous three-year education.
With five courtyards, the vast grounds of the Temple of Literature are in the heart of the capital. They constitute an entirely unique enclave. It is impossible to visit Hanoi without spending some time this grandiose site. The Gate of Talents, the Sanctuary of Success, and the Pavilion of the Constellation of Literature are surrounded by lavish landscaped gardens that preserve the authenticity of the legend.

Temple of Literature
Van Mieu
Dong Da District
10000 Hanoï

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