The authentic Vietnamese flavours of Ngon Villa

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The authentic Vietnamese flavours of Ngon Villa

Built in 1889 for a captain in the French army, this neoclassical colonial villa reflects a rich period in the history of Vietnam.

Discovering this Art Deco villa is a delight to be savoured at teatime, the best time to maintain the illusion of having been expected in what feels like someone's home. The exceptional selection of Vietnamese teas is accompanied by traditional sweets like floating rice balls and exotic fruit salad.

With its vestiges of the colonial era, this French-style building has lost none of its former glory. The shaded courtyard is the perfect space for contemplation, away from the bustle of the city. The quaint interior decor is an invitation to travel through time. Curiosity whets the appetite, and the menu offers a journey through regional flavours, which includes Vietnamese street food like spring rolls, mushroom soup with lotus seeds, and king shrimp salad.

Ngon Villa Restaurant
10 Tong Duy Tan
Shang Bong District
10000 Hanoï

+84 (0)24 32 21 22 22

Menu: around 215,000 VND