La Mar, fusion of Peruvian and Japanese cuisines

La Mar, fusion of Peruvian and Japanese cuisines

For those who do not know Peruvian cuisine, La Mar is an invitation to travel.

The restaurant occupies the ground floor of a building built by Valentin Brodsky Meyer, the architect of the Alvear Hotel.

The chef Anthony Vazquez explores the myriad flavours of raw fish-based Peruvian cuisine, such as ceviche, combined with less customary flavours. Fish such as bream, Pacific salmon, grouper, and meats like chanchito are cooked with Argentine and Japanese products, such as tomato Mendoza, quinoa, avocado, yellow peppers, chipirons (squid), miso, etc. A festival of surprises for your palate.

You can sit outside, protected by a veranda, at the bar or in the main room. The dishes are served in boats. Book now!

La Mar
Arévalo 2014
Buenos Aires

+54 (0)11 47 76 55 43

Menu: from 660 ARS