Home: a Vietnamese restaurant in a traditional house

Home: a Vietnamese restaurant in a traditional house

Unaltered charm is a delight to be savoured at Home, a contemporary Vietnamese restaurant in the style of an authentic family home.

This French colonial style building, which survived the devastating bombing of the last two wars, is one of the city's best preserved. At the corner of a quiet lane in the quiet neighbourhood of Truc Bach, between the Old Quarter and the vast expanse of West Lake, this house has defied time for more than a century. Inhabited today by the chef of the contemporary Vietnamese restaurant, Home, and his team, the house has lost none of its authenticity.

Inside, brick walls, wooden carved panels, and windows with faded wood frames form the backdrop for a decor awakened by contemporary furniture. It is the same with the restaurant's inventive cuisine, which features traditional dishes revisited with modern touches. You will love the sautéed clams in garlic, chili sauce and coconut milk, or the boiled pork chops in curcuma served with eggplant.

Home Vietnamese Restaurant
34 Chau Long
Bah Dinh District
10000 Hanoï

+84 (0)24 39 39 22 22


Menu: around 310,000 VND