Greenbloom, healthy philosophy in the spotlight

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Greenbloom, healthy philosophy in the spotlight

Amid the Gauthier neighbourhood in Casablanca, Greenbloom stands out with a menu that adds a healthy approach to food delights.

A former trader working at the City of London, Lamia was prone to food allergies. She longed for food that could satisfy everyone without toning down the pure pleasure of eating that lies in all of us. She therefore started Greenbloom in Casablanca, as an ode to healthy and “semi-gastronomical” food, in a zen atmosphere made of wood and steel. For the menu, which is based on fresh, mostly organic, products, Lamia called upon chef Rachid Maftouh, who learnt his trade with Alain Ducasse. Gluten free, lactose free, vegetarian and vegan options among others are available for almost every type of diet. Some will even befit the youngest, so as to learn how to eat well without compromising on pleasure. With dishes like quinoa couscous, revisited burgers and even a Sunday brunch that includes muesli and gluten free pancakes, Greenbloom totally falls within the new gastronomical trends.

24 rue Mustapha El Manfalouti
Quartier Gauthier
20000 Casablanca

+212 522 22 12 91 

Menu: around 160 MAD