Florería Atlántico, a speakeasy behind a flower shop

Florería Atlántico, a speakeasy behind a flower shop

In Buenos Aires' Retiro neighbourhood, hidden in the basement of a shop, Florería Atlántico conveys multiculturality in one of the World Best 50 bars.

In the middle of the day near the docks of Buenos Aires, the flowers that adorn the shop window and pavement foretell nothing of what Florería Atlántico offers as soon as night falls. Then, those in the know do not go in for flowers: they cross over to the backroom, through the small door akin to a cold room, and down the staircase. Downstairs, expect no rabbit hole but a speakeasy instead, deemed one of the best 50 bars throughout the world, according to Drinks International.
Drink lovers gather around the huge 18-metre long wooden counter and order signature drinks. The recipes at Florería Atlántico are based off Buenos Aires' multicultural history and immigration during the 19th century: American cocktails, British Gin, Peruvian Pisco, Dutch Juniper, Turkish Raki, Italian Amaro, German Beer, French Wine… Everything to be enjoyed in moderation of course. You only have to pick the origins of your drink!

Florería Atlántico
Arroyo 872
Buenos Aires

+54 (0)11 43 13 60 93


Menu: cocktails from 233 ARS