A moment of silence at Kōya-san

A moment of silence at Kōya-san

The mystical religious city of Kōya-san contains a whole world of spirituality. Between Buddhist temples and deep forests, come discover this place full of stories and mysteries.

With almost half of its 7,000 inhabitants being monks and featuring 110 active temples, Kōya-san remains, among its kind, a unique place of worship. Head in the direction of Mount Kōya, in northern Wakayama-ken, where you will board a red-and-white cable car, which goes to the Kōya-san station. Then you go the last sacred kilometres on foot to reach the top.

The site is recognized as one of the finest in Japan, famous not only for its monastery complex but also for being the first sacred place of the Shingon sect of esoteric Buddhism. Its discovery will allow you to enjoy a unique spiritual experience through total immersion in religious traditions. It is possible to visit the Kōya-san in a day from Nara, Kyoto, or Osaka, or to experience a night in one of the famous Buddhist temples.