Football in Buenos Aires: more than entertainment, a religion

Football in Buenos Aires: more than entertainment, a religion

In a stadium, you will enjoy a memorable experience that will enable you to feel the Argentine energy deep within you.

Attending a football game is an absolute must during your stay in Buenos Aires. The excitement of the game and the passion of the fans are the elements that make the experience unforgettable. Historically, two Argentine flagship clubs compete for the top place in the championships. Boca Juniors, the favourite team of Diego Maradona, is the largest and best known in the world.

The team's stadium, La Bombonera (the 'Candy Box'), with more than 60,000 seats, is in the neighbourhood of La Boca. Blue and yellow are the official colours of the current team. Buenos Aires' other team is River Plate, with its white shirts slashed with a red diagonal, supported by a more affluent population. Their stadium, the Estadio Monumental, is located north of the city in the neighbourhood of Núñez.

It is quite easy to get tickets for a normal game, but to attend a Superclásico, a game that pits the two leading teams, you need to go through a specialised agency. The atmosphere of the stadium is a great experience because the real show is played first in the stands with the supporters' chants, which are a barometer of the pulse of the national passion.

Alberto J. Armando, La Bombonera Stadium
Brandsen 805
Buenos Aires
+54 (0)11 57 77 12 001

Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti Stadium
Ave. Figueroa Alcorta 7597
Buenos Aires
+54 (0)11 47 89 12 00