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Do you want to bring your pet along with you when you travel?
Here, you´ll find all the information to better plan your trip, from transport rules to rates to animals not permitted to travel.

Transporting animals

The rules for pet transport can vary depending on your departure country and destination. To determine the transport rules and whether a baggage item can travel with you in the cabin or in the hold, or if it must be transported by freight, please inform us when booking your trip.
Please note: animal transport may be restricted or limited on some aircraft types or for certain destinations.
Also, please contact our advisors as soon as possible before your trip.

In the hold

Accepted animals
A dog or cat weighing more than 6 kg / 13.2 lb (8 kg / 17 lb on flights departing after October 1, 2014) and up to a maximum weight of 75 kg / 165.3 lb must be transported in the hold. Transporting animals in the hold is limited to 3 animals maximum per passenger. Please note this number may be restricted, depending on the aircraft type.
In addition, please let us know when booking your ticket that you intend to transport your pet in the hold.

Transport rules
- Your pet must be at least 10 weeks old* and have all required vaccines.
- You must respect the conditions of transport indicated in the "Conditions for transporting a dog or cat in the hold": travel container size, materials, locking mechanisms, etc. On Air France flights, only hard plastic or fiberglass travel containers fastened by bolts and approved by the IATA (International Air Transport Association) are accepted. In the event of non-compliance with instructions provided in this document, your pet will be denied boarding.
- You must print and present the form “Conditions for transporting a dog or cat in the hold” at the airport.
Flight procedures
  • Please arrive at the check-in counter 3 hours before departure for an intercontinental flight, or 2 hours before a flight departing within France or Europe (including flights between Europe and North Africa or Israel).
  • If you have a connecting flight, please ensure that you have at least 2 hours between flights. You can check in your pet for the first leg of your trip only. Between connecting flights, you must have enough time to collect your baggage and pet, and check them in again for the second flight.
  • During your flight: the captain will be informed that your pet is in the hold and will take the necessary steps to ensure its comfort during the flight (lighting, heating).

Please note: snub-nosed animals such as Bulldogs, Boxers, Pekinese or Persian cats can suffer from breathing difficulties in high-stress situations. Please consult your veterinarian before air travel.

Please contact our telephone sales team with any additional questions or concerns.

* 8 weeks for flights within metropolitan France (including Corsica) and flights between metropolitan France and Guadeloupe, Martinique and Reunion. Your pet must be at least 15 weeks old for flights between metropolitan France and French Guiana.

Transporting your animal by freight

In certain cases, your pet cannot travel with you in the cabin or in the hold. Your pet must be transported by freight if:
  • the animal and its container weigh more than 75 kg / 165 lb,
  • it is traveling to a country that authorizes animal transport only by freight.
If one of these conditions applies to you, please contact AIR FRANCE KLM Cargo freight service. To find contact information for customer service, please visit the website in the Contact section. Click on the map to find the customer service center nearest to you.

Purchase a travel container for your pet

You can purchase a travel container on our Air France Shopping website.
Purchased items are available for delivery to the following countries: Algeria, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, metropolitan France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Morocco, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, United Kingdom, United States.

In addition, Flying Blue members earn Miles with each purchase or can choose to pay with already accumulated Miles.


  • Your animal must have all required vaccines in order to be permitted on board.
  • All dogs and cats traveling within the European Union must be identified by an electronic chip. It should also possess a European passport. Provided and completed by an authorized veterinarian, the passport identifies your pet and certifies that it is properly vaccinated.
  • Please note: For travel to Ireland, Sweden, the UK or Malta, additional sanitary conditions apply. We recommend that you check with the embassy of your destination country.
  • For travel outside the European Union, consider the regulations enforced in the originating and destination countries (vaccinations, quarantine, etc.).